Release Date: January 2010

Test Pressing: none
First Pressing: N/A

Cover Art: Brandon Harrod

01 – Work Song

02 – Burn The Garden

03 – Ginned Up

04 – If You Were Me

05 – The Money Song

06 – Same Answer As Before

07 – The Funeral Song

08 – 4th Grade

09 – Rocket

10 – Bigger Things


Kuna Fa Dayzzzzz is the first full length by Kentucky punk/folk singer Brandon Harrod. The title refers to the absurdity of hip hop music’s obsession with cash money. Kuna is the national currency of Croatia. The disc contains a full albums worth of punk/folk ditties like “Ginned Up”, “The Work Song”, and “4th Grade” RIYL: Violent Femmes, Moldy Peaches, or pretty much anything that Plan-it-X Records has ever done. 

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