MRCOMP03 – Mooster Mania II Compilation CD

Release Date: Dec 25, 2012

Test Pressing: none
First Pressing: N/A

Cover Art: Brandon Harrod

01 – Wolf-Face “I’m a Son of a Bitch”

02 – Furcoats “Talking To Myself

03 – The Connection ” I Think She Digs Me”

04 – The Windowsill “What If You’d Leave Me Now”

05 – Wimpy & The Medallions “Still Headed Nowhere”

06 -The Recordettes “Candy Store”

07 – Geoff Useless “Told You Once”

08 – Kurt Baker “How Many Times(acoustic)”

09 – The Ex-Bombers “Sexy Interrogation”

10 – The Putz “Operate”

11 – The Ueckers “Knucklehead”

12 – Vatican Junkies “Paxxxil”

13 – The Hungups “Dante Hicks”

14 – Flanders 72 “Homeboy”

15 – The New Rochelles “Nightcrawler”

16 – Low Culture “Evil”

17 – Flacido Flamingo “Coat Hanger”

18 – Vibrolas “River”

19 – Bi Polar Transmission “Screaming in the Alleyway”

20 – The Hungry Ears “Failure to Speak”


The second installment of the MoosterMania series is bigger, better and beefier than the first! 20 tracks of various style of music from pop punk, hard rock, power pop, and indie rock bands from around the world! MoosterMania shows no signs of slowing and will bring us into 2013 with a bang to show the world what Mooster Records plans on bringing to the table for a very long time. MOOSTER MANIA IS STILL RUNNIN WYLD!!!!!

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