MRCOMP01 – MoosterMania CD


Release Date: July 21 2012

Test Pressing: none
First Pressing: N/A

Cover Art: Brandon Harrod

01 – Pool Party “Evil Tonight”

02 – The Demerits “Florida”

03 – The Crumbs “Loose Cannon”

04 – Hopewrecker “Brian(demo)”

05 – Ocelots “Synthesizer Invasion of 1941”

06 – Trashkanistan “180 on Grier Nursery”

07 – Landspeeder “I Wanna Go To The Dark Side”

08 – Lili Champ “Ciclon”

09 – Parasite Diet “Let Me Into Your Life”

10 – The Larroquettes “Who Killed Courtney”

11 – Flamingo Nosebleed “Fuck Your Radio”

12 – Run and Punch “Dearly Departed”

13 – The Ueckers – “(Keep it) On The DL”

14 – The Cant Stand Yas “Say Goodbye”

15 – Kobanes “Somewhere Inside”

16 – The Hairlips “Joeys Girl”

17 – The Johnny Five “Stink Ape”

18 – I Monelli “Bomber”

19 – Rock n Roll Television “Over You”

20 – Poingly “Artificial Light”


This was originally conceived as a sampler of Mooster releases tunes to promote the label and give away at the Pool Party record release show but it soon snowballed into such a monster that I had to give it a proper release. A compilation of friends bands, bands I love, and new friends from all over the world make up the first installment of MoosterMania, its RUNNIN WYLD!!!

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