MR29 – Mr. T Experience – “King Dork Approximately” cassingle


Release Date: December 2014

1st Pressing: 250 Cassettes


To coincide with the publishing of the Delacorte Press book King Dork Approximately by Frank Portman, Mooster Records is set to release the limited edition Cassingle by MTX “King Dork Approximately” b/w “O’brien is Tryin’ to Learn to Talk Hawaiian”. The tracks, recorded by Dr. Frank, show the two sides of the man behind MTX and the King Dork series. Sida A is a story about the book’s character, Tom Henderson, and his misadventures with girls. Meanwhile the B­side is a whimsy rendition of a 1914 “novelty song” written by Al Dubin and Rennie Carmack, which Dr. Frank recorded in his bathroom at 5 in the morning in November of 2014.

Comes with limited edition “Well, Ramone me with a Mosrite” pencil, KDA pencil bag, MTX button and more!