MR18 – The Mcrackins “What Came First? / “S.T.U.P.I.D” cassette


Release Date: Sept 7 2013

Test Pressing: none
First Pressing: 250 white cassettes with black imprint

1 Bittergreen
2 Look Whos Laughing Now
3 Slapshot
4 Crank It Up
5 Robbed
6 Slap The Monkey
7 Forget Me Not
8 Stranglehold
9 Dyin To Love You
10 The Last Of His Kind
11 1-900-5437
12 100 Rifles
13 What Came First
14 Weird Dan
15 Willy Killigan
16 House Of Freaks
17 Surfin Usa
18 Enus The Psycho
19 Crash Boom Bang
20 Ill Be Your Clown
21 Crackin Up
22 Saving Grace
23 Shut Your Mouth
24 This Jokes On You
25 The Boy Next Door
26 Stupid Is As Stupid Does
27 Who Are We
28 Told You So
29 Rebecca
30 Hearts Are Breakin
31 Dont Push Me Away
32 I Like Beer
33 Sugar Sugar
34 Canadian Love Song
35 Stupid Idiot
36 The Warrior


You know you need Mooster Records’ release of the first two studio albums by l”egg”endary pop punkers, The MCRACKINS; all on one eggstraordinary cassette tape. “WHAT CAME FIRST?” and “S.T.U.P.I.D” is a collection of 36 fully remastered songs that’ll bust your yolk! “WHAT CAME FIRST?”, the first album by these Vancouver eggcentrics, was released in 1995 by Shredder Records and received notable reviews from MAXIMUM ROCK N ROLL and FLIPSIDE. CMJ quipped that the album takes us on a journey from “fabulously absurd ” to “sometimes brazenly insipid, but always true to the cause and memorable from the first listen”. And that’s just side A, mother crackers! Side B, the sophomore effort entitled “S.T.U.P.I.D”, continues the journey of Canada’s favorite egg rockers in a way that M.R.R called “Fourteen songs of fast, hook-filled kinetic pop-punk. This release confirms in my mind that the MCRACKINS are the closest in sound and spirit that we have to the DICKIES.” Included in this 36 song package are the bonus hits “House Of Freaks” , “Surfin Usa”, “Enus The Psycho”, “Canadian Love Song, “Stupid Idiot”, and “The Warrior”, as well as a digital download of the entire cassette and artwork! If that’s not enough for you, pre order the cassette early and receive an egg-cellent limited edition MCRACKINS patch. FRY OR DIE with The MCRACKINS!!!!!!!!!

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