MR07 – Brandon Harrod – “Collaborate WIth Your Enemies” CD


Release Date: September 2013

Test Pressing: N/A

First Pressing: COMING SOON


Cover Art: Cristy Road

01 – Bottoms Up

02 – Nothin But Love

03 – Growin Up

04 – Turn It Off

05 – Wrekk The Rental

06 – 8 Things

07 – Happy Birthday

08 – I Hate NPR

09 – I Hate My Job

10 -Before I Die

11 – Lake Michigan

12 – The River

The schizophrenic 4th album from Brandon Harrod originally began as a confrontation to all that pissed him off. In the 2 years that it took to compile this record which was recorded between 4 different locales from Feb 2011 – Aug 2013 he went through some changes and time, commitment and other obligations got in the way. The record sort of evolved into Brandon’s current self having to collaborate with his past self. What ensued was the following record and it reads as a self appendix of change, not so much maturity but change.

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