MR06 – Romanovs “Anastasia is a Punk Rocker” CD


Release Date: January 2012

Test Pressing: none
First Pressing: N/A

Cover Art: Brandon Harrod

01 – Durango 2010

02 – Judy is a Punk

03 – Locket Love

04 – Oh Oh I Love Her So

05 – I Don’t Care

06 – Glad to See You Go

07 – Suzy is a Headbanger

08 – Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue

09 – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

10 – Poison Heart


The first release from the ROMANOVS is here! “Anastasia is a Punk Rocker” is 10 full on blasts of punk rock taken directly from the books of the RAMONES. No seriously, we mean it these ARE RAMONES SONGS!! Just like Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, Tommy, and sometimes Marky and CJ, and occasionally Ritchie played! These are first hand accounts of PUNK FUCKING ROCK! If you dont buy this slab of wax from Mutant Pop or Skull Duggery this year, you are going to be kicking yourself. In fact, this album is so FUCKING unbelievably awesome that I am including a digital download of the WHOLE FUCKING THING along with this press release! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! Thats an amazing deal!!! So soak this baby up! Turn up the volume knob on your Marshall stack and point it at your sister or grandmother and crank this bitch up! Ohhh…I think I can smell the sand of Rockaway Beach now…

Harvey Eagleman
Espire Records LLC Inc.

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