MR05 – Nick Minnow “Presents: Plant Music (an untested hypothesis)” CD


Release Date: February 2012

Test Pressing: none
First Pressing: N/A

Cover Art: Brandon Harrod

01 – Plantae Imploration

02 – Mothra Floppy

03 – Tenric Excalibur

04 – Fences/Kisses

05 – Closer to Photosynthesis

06 – July


Nick’s first record with Mooster will be the Free Jazz/Electronic/Mood/Wobble Funk/ Rock exploration of “Plant Music: “An Untested Hypothesis)”. This unique EP is a concoction of electronic blips, prog-esque drum patterns and amazing song structures devised to stimulate those silent friends that wait patiently for hydration in the corner of your living room. But careful kids! As it says in the name, this is an “untested hypothesis”. Mooster Records will not be responsible for any viridiplantae destruction!

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