MR03 – Pool Party – “Teenage Weirdo” 7″


Release Date: July 21, 2012

Test Pressing: 5 Black vinyl

First Pressing: 118 Clear Blue vinyl, 119 Clear Red vinyl, 117 Clear Yellow vinyl
Second pressing: COMING SOON


Cover Art: Scotty Baldwin


01 – Teenage Weirdo

02 – Whatta They Know?

03 – Like a Warrior

04 – Evil Tonight

“Teenage Weirdo” is a 7″ of amazing proportions chock full of sex, sleaze, poetry, drugs, girls, wine, women, pools, parties, and most importantly Creep Guirdo, Dick Dumb, Hand Gloveless, and Toobs Malloy! 4 human cartoon characters that put on a rippin’ show!!! It is four songs about various topics ranging from “not crying, sniffing hair, underwear, sacrilege, and blasphemy” All 4 songs are bangers and are gonna leave you soaking wet! It also features backups from a very super, secret, special guest who goes by the name of EL Cheapo Tycoon to preserve his anonymity! All of this coming to you on at least 3 different colors of wax!

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