MR02 – BRANDON HARROD – “Wide Open Sun” CD


Release Date: August 15 2010
First Pressing: 8/15/2010
Second Pressing:  5/20/2012

Cover Art: Nichole Harrod

01 – Jetplane

02 – Afraid Of Being Bored

03 – Like My Dad Always Says

04 – Terrapin Station

05 – She Has Her Doubts

06 – Fire In My Belly

07 – Im Just Waiting For That Big Call

08 – Start Over

09 – Cant Let It Get To Me

10 – I Hate Your Hate

11 – Young Turks


The 2nd release from Kentucky punk/folk singer Brandon Harrod elaborates on the previous “Kuna Fa Dayzzzzz” with more intricate storytelling and a faster paced/ more punk feeling! This record goes out to anyone who has ever been stuck in a small town and dreaming of getting out!

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