MR012 – The Homewreckers / City Mouse “Manic Recession” Split 7″


Release Date: October 31, 2012

Test Pressing: 5 Black vinyl

First Pressing: 100 Clear Hot Pink, 200 Black

Cover Art: Cristy Road

01 – The Homewreckers – Nervous Wrecks

02 – The Homewreckers – Uncontrollable Decay

03 – City Mouse – Gemini

04 – City Mouse – Jughead Jones


THE HOMEWRECKERS are a queer-core/ pop-punk/ rock’n’roll outfit from the salty depths of Brooklyn, NY. Through song and dance; they tackle lost love, cultural identity, imperialism getting in the way of cultural identity, Cuba, cops, gender identity, manic depression, manic salvation, sexual repression, and one night stands. Blending the spirits of Operation Ivy; early 80’s power pop; and Broadway Musicals; The Homewreckers are fucking shit up in a stylish way.

CITY MOUSE has been kicking around for quite a few years now. Though the line-up has seen many changes over time, the awesomeness of the passionate and heavy-hitting songs has constantly been improving with each new incarnation of the band. Mainstay front-woman Miski Dee Rodriguez knows how to write a solid pop jam and can belt out the whoa-mama lead vocals like nobody’s business! (adam alive)

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