MR00 – Culture Generator Vol. 1 Compilation CD


Release Date: March 2010

Test Pressing: none
First Pressing: N/A

Cover Art: Brandon Harrod

01 – Jordan Pendley “Handing Out Anchors”

02 – Super Famicom “Andrew I’m Pretty Legit”

03 – Ocelots “A Weak Apology For My Offensive Nature”

04 – Netherfriends “Bret Easton Ellis Novel”

05 – Mogli “Back to You”

06 – Joe Mangum “Trying to Understand”

07 – Madeline Ava “Telephone Lines”

08 – Dylan Sizemore “I Wish”

09 – Brandon Harrod “A Better Day”

10 – Jeremy Estes “Taking Off”

11 – Ben Purdom “John the Baptist”

12 – Jeremy Hay “Version of Love”

13 – Small Houses “The Last Last One”

14 – Imperial China “All That Is Solid”

15 – The Larroquettes “Attack of the White Belts”

16 – Tommy Rot w/Dudley Roberts “Welfare Line”

17 – Onward Pilgrim “873 Years is a Long Time to Be on Earth”


A compilation to promote music in the community of Frankfort, KY.

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