Contact Us

Contact Page

General Info: info [at] moosterrecords [dot] com

  • info about releases, special shipping situations, wholesale, distribution, riddles…

Demo Submission: demos [at] moosterrecords [dot] com

  • please allow us some time to listen to your demo before hounding us about it. We will totally get around to it and hit you up! If an adequate amount of time has passed and you havent heard from us email again! 🙂


Accounting: nichole [at] moosterrecords [dot] com

  • paperwork, advertising, contracts, bills, etc…

Paypal: bharrod1980 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  •  $$$$$$$$$$ 🙂

Snail Mail:

Mooster Records

c/o Brandon Harrod

6210 N Wayne Ave #3

Chicago, IL 60660

If making an order through the mail please send well hidden cash, check or money order made out to: Brandon Harrod, not Mooster Records  🙂





Big Cartel


3 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Hi I was wondering if you guys were looking to hire or work with any songwriters? I would be more than happy to send over some of my lyrics.

    Kelly Ellam

  2. Was wondering if you guys were searching to hire anything, not sure if this is the appropriate route. I am a graphic design student who loves Chicago and punk music, if any opportunities arise I’d love to be notified via e=mail!

  3. My name is Abdul, and I own a top notch web design firm that specializes in taking existing websites and tweaking them to reach their full potential. I noticed that there are some changes and modifications we can do to enhance your website. My team and I can make some changes to make it more dynamic and interactive so it will convert more visitors for a reasonable price. I can provide you designs and ideas that have helped my clients websites out perform their competitors.

    I would like to offer you a free consultation where I can discuss the details about what I could do for you site. I would just need to know if you are open to seeing what I have in mind as well as a quote?

    I look forward to hearing back from you.


    Abdul Hodge

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