Mooster Records Distro update March 2015

These titles are available in the Mooster store located at:

The Artist Formally Known As Vince – “NYC Single” 7″
Bad Machine – “Rip Your Heart” LP
Beach Slang. – “Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken?”
Brain Tumors – “S/t” LP
Brick Mower – “My Hateable Face” LP
The Brokedowns / Vacation Bible School Split 7″
Caffiends – “S/t” LP
The Capitalist Kids – “At A Loss” LP
Caves – “Betterment” cassette tape
Cedar Plank Salmon 7″
Celebrity Internment Camp – “Urban Sasquatch…” CD
The Chronics – “On Tape It Sounds Different” cassette
City Mouse “City Mouse” 7″
City Mouse / Weekend Dads “Split” 7″
The Copyrights “North Sentinel Island'” LP
Crazy & The Brains – “Good Lord” LP
Crazy & The Brains “Let Me Go” LP
The Creeps – “Lakeside Cabin” LP
The Creeps – “Eulogies” LP
The Criminals – “Never Been Caught” reissue LP
Darlington/ Easy Out split Cassette
Darlington / Prozacs Split 7″
Direct Hit/ The Haverchucks split 7″
The Disconnects – “Wake Up Dead” LP
The Ex-Bombers/Malt Liquor split 7″
Flamingo Nosebleed – “Blood on the Basement Floor” CD
French Exit “Guts & Black Stuff” CD
French Exit Guts and Black Stuff – LP
The Furcoats – “Goddamn, I’m a Handsome Man” 7″
Gateway District – “Old Wild Hearts” LP
The Hamburglars – 10″
Brandon Harrod – “Collaborate With Your Enemies” CD
HEWHOCORRUPTS – “The Smell of Money” CD ep
Hi Ho Silver, Away! “Chore” LP
The Horror Section – “Prowler” 7″
The Horror Section – “Prowler” 7″
Horror Section/ Eaten Back to Life split LP
Hospital Job “The Believer” LP
The Hungry Ears – “Failure to Speak b/w Spy Rock” 7″
Jetty Boys – “Let Er Rip” LP
Johnie 3 & Teenage Creepers split 7″
Kingons / The Maxies “Split” CD
Kobanes – “Japan Invasion” CD
Kobanes – “Public Affection” CD
The Larroquettes – Live on WZRD CD
Let’s Do It For Lance! J Church Tribute CD
Lipstick Homicide/Turkletons Split 7″
Mall’d To Death “More Than A Sinking Feeling” 7″
The Manges “All is Well” LP
Maxies vs. Kingons Split 10″
The Maxies – “Greenland is Melting” LP
The Max Levine Ensemble: Mr. Gikokovich (2000-2005 A Retrospective) LP
MCRACKINS – “What Came First” / “S.T.U.P.I.D” Cassette
Mean Jeans/Underground Railroad to Candyland split 7″
Mikey and The Drags – “Spill Your Guts?/?Solstice” 7″
Mooster Records vs. Jolly Ronnie Records “…For The Last Slice” CD
The Mugwumps “Mutation in the Family” LP
Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band – “Promises to Deliver” LP
The New Rochelles – “It’s New!” 7″
Parasites – “Non-Stop Power Pop Volume 1” LP
The Peabodys/Rock n Roll Television split CD
Pink Smoke – “No Party” cassette tape
Plow United “Plow United” LP
The Pneumonias – “Cheap Trash Session” Tape
Pool Party – “Born Too Loose” 7″
Prince “S/t” 7″
The Prozacs: Playing the Chords We Love LP
Prozacs/Kobanes Split 7″
The Putz – “Knock It Off” LP
The Putz – “Knock It Off” LP
Rad Payoff – “Breakfast” 7″
Rubrics – “Apathy Is An Institution” LP
Sass Dragons – “Bonkaroo!” LP
Sass Dragons – “New Kids on the Bong” LP
The Sensibles – “A Bunch of Animals” LP
Skeptics/White Ass split Tape
The Spastic Hearts “No Girls, No Fun” LP
Sunnyside “Welcome To San Diego” LP
Tough – “Four” CD
Tipper Whore “Two Sticks/Day Drunk” 7″
The Ueckers – “Rocket to Wrigley” CD
Up For Nothing – “In Trance” 7″
Utter Failure – “Ending Forces” LP
Uzi Rash – “Whyte Rash Time” LP
Various Artists – “The Beast With 5 Bands”
Various – “Attack Of The Japanese Ramone Punk” CD
The Visitors “Yeti” CD
WEAKLINGS- ‘Rock N Roll Owes Me’ LP
Zatopeks – “About Bloody Time” LP

more updates coming soon!!!!