Modern Advances Tour Log: The Lost Cross House, Carbondale, IL

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Last night we made the 5+ hour drive down to Carbondale, IL to play the legendary punk house called The Lost Cross.

We showed up pretty late, like after 11 and the show hadn’t kicked off yet fortunately! We met the cool booker dude, Luke and got ready to watch the first band.

The Black Blacks played first and were an aggressive poppy punk band mix reminiscent of The Lillingtons or tougher Ramones stuff. I thoroughly enjoyed watching them through the weird basement pillars while attempting to duck low enough to not knock my drunkard head against the rafters.

Next was a band called Backyards that were missing their bass player. They alternated between fast Epitaph Records style drum beats and emo like breakdowns. They were fun to watch and really cool dudes because they were really the only ones that stuck around and watched us.

Our set was a drunken, sweaty blitzkrieg. I was aware that no one was there and decided to have fun in my own way by speeding up the whole set and just enjoying myself. Some local drunks, stoners and college kids alike kinda filtered in through out set and overall seemed to enjoy what we do. I ended the set early before our Motley Crüe cover with a vicious smack of a dive into Paul’s drums.

We finished off the night with a lil “jump roping” and quick tournament on the STREET FIGHTER II: CHAMPION EDITION upstairs, found a weird motel and crashed while watching Saved By The Bell reruns. Oh Kelly Kapowski! 😘

Onto Waynesburg, KY today for the 9th annual Vibrolas Fun Ranch party with a ton of bands!