What’s on the turntable today at Mooster HQ?


A Radio With Guts formed out of the ashes of the Connie Dungs. Wayne, Brandon and Chris from the Dungs put out this LP on Stardumb in 2002. The songs sound to me to be more personal in nature that the later Dungs songs, if you can believe that. There are some softer number and some rockers! Brandon Dungs signature snarl is still there while his voice seems to be restrained. Maybe he had finally had one too many cigarettes. I’m always gonna be a bigger fan of The Connie Dungs but it’s great to have this record as an addition to the already vast catalog from my boys in Ashland, KY!


Boom! Alternative TV hit me like a ton of bricks last month. I knew waaaay more of their songs from various punk compilations that I thought but I looooove these guys! COMMUNICATION is probably the second least punk song on this album, but it’s my fave! New wave at its finest. That songs could still stand up right long side all these new electronic dance bands today. Hands down my fave ATV record! Good god yall!! Find it now!

Cubs are playing a few! Gotta go!