I used to run a blog called The Man With The Golden Arm and I loved doing it. I stopped so I could focus on this record label. Why can’t i do both?

So welcome to my attempt at sharing things that I think are awesome(including my own shit) with the world.

We’ll see how good I am at keeping up with it! And I’ll just bug you to check back every once in awhile.


Almost all of the parts of The Connie Dungs LP have been sent off and now it’s just a waiting game. Today Nichole helped me get quotes for the record insert! In scanning in all of Brandon Dungs artwork and arranging it for an LP insert, it’s gonna look awesome!

Get stoked for this pop punk gem from 1997 on snot green vinyl for the snottiest of punks straight from the Bluegrass State!

I’ll share some pics soon!

Later gators,